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Click here for Rafting Video of Brown’s Canyon at High Water.

MORE RAPIDS! Longest Brown's Canyon 1/2-Day Rafting Trip with 2 Extra Rapids and 2 More Miles on the Water! Smaller, More Personal 1/2-, 1-, and 2-Day Rafting Adventures!

Paddle Raft in Brown's CanyonPaddle Raft in Brown's Canyon The Arkansas River is the number one whitewater rafting river in Colorado. Brown's Canyon is the most popular section of the Arkansas River. Acquired Tastes Rafting offers you the longest Brown's Canyon half-day rafting trip with the most rapids and the most time on the water. We take out and camp on private property along the river so we can offer you higher quality ½-, 1-, and 2-day rafting trips at everyday low prices. We give you more rapids for your money!

Acquired Tastes invites you to get away from production line rafting and enjoy a smaller, more personal rafting experience on the best whitewater in Colorado. Our guides do only one trip per day so they focus on giving you a higher quality rafting experience rather than rushing back to the office to pick up more customers. The other rafting companies do two Brown's Canyon half-day trips per day with the same boat and the same guide. We give you more rapids and more time on the water. We focus on how much fun we can make your trip rather than on how fast we can get you off the river.

We share a private takeout with one other rafting company. They are the only other company to offer the longest Brown's Canyon half-day rafting trip. (If you are staying in the Buena Vista area or driving from Denver or Colorado Springs, our rafting office is 17 miles closer. If you are staying in the Salida area or driving from Canon City or Gunnison, their rafting office is closer. Our rafting office is 22 miles from downtown Salida. Their rafting office is 8 miles from downtown Salida.) All of the other rafting companies do two shorter Brown's Canyon half-day trips per day with the same boat and the same guide.
Zoom Flume - Second Major Rapid in Brown's CanyonZoom Flume - Second Major Rapid in Brown's Canyon

On our Brown’s Canyon Bonus Half-Day Rafting Trip, we do two more rapids than the big, production line rafting companies They raft 10 miles and do six of the major rapids in Brown’s Canyon on their half-day trips. They miss the last two big rapids, Seidel’s Suckhole and Twin Falls, because they use the public takeout at Hecla Junction. We share a private takeout with one other small company so we raft 12 miles and do all eight of the major rapids plus all of the intermediate and smaller rapids in Brown’s Canyon. We offer you the longest half-day rafting trip in Brown's Canyon with the most rapids and the most time on the water. No other company gives you more rapids or more time on the water.

Helmets are provided free for customers who want them.Helmets are provided free for customers who want them. On our Brown’s Canyon One-Day Trip, we have a put-in at our office in Johnson Village. This is more convenient for our customers and more economical for our company. Since we do not have to shuttle our customers to a public put-in, we give you a lower price on a higher quality one-day rafting trip.

On our multi-day rafting adventures, Our Private CampsiteOur Private Campsite we give you the most whitewater possible in a two-day rafting trip. On our deluxe overnighters, we camp on private land in a beautiful, secluded spot adjoining our takeout for our Brown’s Canyon trips. We offer you a better camping experience for less money than companies that carry their camping gear on their rafts and camp on public land in Brown’s Canyon. We raft all of Brown’s Canyon on the first day of your trip and camp in a nicer location on the river with more amenities just below Brown's Canyon. We give you a choice of rafting the Narrows or both the Numbers and Narrows on your second day of rafting.

Oar BoatOar Boat Acquired Tastes has provided safe, fun, exciting whitewater rafting adventures under the same ownership since 1986. Our smaller size allows the owner to still guide and be personally involved in the day-to-day operation of the company. For the last 28 years, he has focused on offering a higher quality, more personal rafting experience rather than herding large numbers of people down the river.
Most rafting companies have changed ownership at least once and some have changed ownership multiple times. When you choose Acquired Tastes for your rafting adventure, you are choosing an experienced company with one of the best safety records on the river. All of our boats are state-of-the-art self-bailing rafts with foot cones glued to the floor for added safety and security. We are a licensed outfitter and our guides are certified by the State of Colorado.

Paddle RaftPaddle Raft Our friendly, well-trained guides and staff take pride in making each trip a quality experience. Our customers not only come back to raft with us year after year but they also recommend us to their friends, relatives, and co-workers. Acquired Tastes is the “Best Rafting Value in Colorado” because we offer you higher quality whitewater rafting adventures at everyday low prices. You get more rapids and a smaller, more personal rafting experience when you choose Acquired Tastes for your Colorado rafting adventure! We invite you to get away from production line rafting and experience the Acquired Tastes difference!

CUSTOMER REVIEWS: FIVE STAR RATING from Yelp and Yahoo. These are all of the customer reviews found in a Google Search of “Acquired Tastes Rafting Reviews” on April 4th, 2014.

Updated Review: “Just to update this review - went on my second raft trip with this company in the summer of 2013 and it was just as great as the first. Very professional, funny, friendly and informative. We booked a trip with lunch, and had a nice sandwich on the banks of the river. I enjoyed getting out to stretch my legs and would recommend this option, as it allows you to have a little more time on the river.” Kate W., Denver, CO

Previous Review: “Booked a rafting trip here during the summer of 2012, and had a wonderful experience even though the river flow was really low. We did the Brown Canyon trip (no lunch). Guide was friendly, fun and informative. Trip was easy to book, and was not as expensive as other nearby establishments. As mentioned in previous reviews, the storefront isn't too fancy (which is fine, b/c the real fun happens on the river!). Owner was very informative and guide was awesome! Just booked a 2nd trip with this company for next weekend and look forward to the experience. This time we booked the 1/2 day Brown Canyon trip with lunch!” Kate W., Denver, CO

“Searched for a while figuring out which outfit to book with. I decided i liked the idea of a smaller operation that seems to be more responsive and better value. We definitely got a great value. Our guide was great.... We had a ton of fun. We had our own raft and only had one other group with us which mean we can go at our own pace. We had a leisure drift down the river at times with out the guide pushing us to constantly row... The scenery was beautiful and every one had an amazing time. There was an obnoxious guide from another company who kept coming way to close to us as they were in a rush and did not take our safety or his own passengers safety into account and it made me realize how important picking the right company is. Not only that but they have a private outlet so we had an extra 2 miles down the river with them which was great.” gil l., New Brunswick, NJ

“We booked a half-day rafting trip on the Arkansas River through Acquired Tastes. The main "office" is not much to look at, but the guides were very professional and friendly. We booked a trip with another group and stopped for lunch midway during the trip. The lunch was nice but it was especially nice to stop and enjoy the riverside scenery too.” Jim B., Minneapolis, MN

“Acquired Taste is nothing like the mass production whitewater rafting experience. We had our own private raft with the owner of the company as our guide. It was a great trip with no extra strangers on board. We had one other boat rafting with us, so we didn't have to wait for multiple rafts to keep up with us. The other rafting company had six rafts on the water, and one of them held up the rest of the group for over twenty minutes! Our guide knew the area well and gave us a great tour of the river!” Kim B., Denver, CO

“Booked a 2-day camp-out trip for 10 (family intro to Colorado)…Got great attention from Chuck, the owner, and he was always available and super-helpful in answering the many questions. They hooked a bunch of out-of-towners up with sleeping bags & tents, wetsuits, everything needed. Small extra charge for the wetsuits, which were good quality. Lots of personal attention, small company. The rafting was great--experienced guides, and when one boat needed a little extra 'help' the owner called in for an extra paddler to come provide some muscle at no cost. Great safety brief, not scary but informative. The lunch was good, and the overnight setup was very classy. Permanent shelter, large and airy. Steak or salmon for dinner? Your tent was already set up, and the pads and sleeping bags comfortable. The camp is on private land, away from the road, right on the river. Meant it was our group only, hanging out & having fun. Would use them again in a heartbeat.” Gina M., Boulder, CO