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About the Arkansas River

The Arkansas River is the number one whitewater rafting river in Colorado. Brown's Canyon is the most popular section of the Arkansas River. Acquired Tastes Rafting offers you the longest Brown's Canyon half-day rafting trip with the most rapids and the most time on the water.


About the Company

Customers often ask how we came up with the name “Acquired Tastes Rafting”. There is a saying that “the finer things in life are acquired tastes.” When Chuck and Judy Huggs founded Acquired Tastes Rafting in 1986, their goal was to build a company based on providing a higher quality rafting experience. They wanted Acquired Tastes Rafting to be one of the “finer things in life”. Chuck and Judy shared a passion for rafting and they worked together for decades to build Acquired Tastes into the kind of company they could both be proud of. Chuck still guides and is still actively involved in the day-to-day operation of the company. Rafting is not just a business for us - it is a lifestyle.

About our Camp

On our multi-day rafting adventures, we give you the most whitewater possible in a two-day rafting trip. On our deluxe overnighters, we camp on private land in a beautiful, secluded spot adjoining our takeout for our Brown’s Canyon trips. We offer you a better camping experience for less money than companies that carry their camping gear on their rafts and camp on public land in Brown’s Canyon. We raft all of Brown’s Canyon on the first day of your trip and give you a choice of rafting the Narrows only or rafting both the Numbers and the Narrows on your second day of rafting.


-Our Brown's Canyon Bonus Half-Day Trip includes 2 extra miles and 2 extra rapids. 

-We raft 12 miles and do all eight of the major rapids in Brown’s Canyon, including Seidel's Suckhole and Twin Falls.  The big production line rafting companies raft 10 miles and only do six of the eight major rapids on their half-day trips.  They miss Seidel's Suckhole and Twin Falls.  


-Our guides do only one trip per day so they focus on giving you a higher quality rafting experience.

-Other rafting companies do two Brown's Canyon half-day trips per day with the same boat and the same guide.


-Acquired Tastes has provided safe, fun, exciting whitewater adventures on the Arkansas River under the same ownership since 1986.

-All of our boats are state-of-the-art self-bailing rafts with foot cones glued to the floor for added safety and security.

-We are a licensed outfitter with one of the best safety records on the river and our guides are certified by the State of Colorado.

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